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Bus Transportation Services

Bus Transportation Services

Bus Transportation – A Cost-Effective Solution

We look for a cost-effective solution for every service ordered. It is important to receive a worthwhile result for our payment. Booking bus transportation is no longer a low-cost solution and it does not matter whether or not you are wealthy. When we pay for a service and do not receive good value for money, it is an unpleasant experience. In the bus transportation field, many companies, large and small, new or highly experienced, provide what we call half service, and therefore the chances of accidently choosing such a company are high.

President Tours was established in 1982, and for over 30 years in the field it has provided different transportation services for institutions and companies on the Israeli market. President Tours has vast experience in providing high quality bus transportation service. The company is reliable, works well with schedules, and has an innovative, one-of-a kind bus fleet.

If you are interested in bus transportation service, President Tours is the surest decision for success.

Many bus transportation service companies offer a wide range of services with different goals and destinations. Different bus companies provide services that are subject to delays or buses which are not well-maintained or are unpleasant to use, so their clients feel uncomfortable and disappointed. Bus transportation services require great accuracy, especially when you book the service for employee transportation, events or trips.

President Tours guarantees absolute accuracy and meets predefined schedules down to the second. President Tours has a long and positive reputation for accuracy and respecting deadlines, which is one of our most central concerns in the service. This is another factor that sets us apart from other companies in terms of professionalism and high quality service.

Bus Transportation – How to Make the Right Decision

If you require bus transportation, you should thoroughly examine your options. Of course, you can find a quality bus company via a wide selection of channels – internet, your work place, friends, etc. Locating a reliable bus company is what makes the difference between success and disappointment.

You can receive offers for bus transportation services in many ways. One of these is through the websites of different transportation companies. You can also look up companies under “transportation” in the Yellow Pages. But the cheapest solution is not necessarily the best one, and it is preferable to spend a little more to book a reliable and professional service and not an amateur one.

Bus Transportation – Safety Above All

One of the most important parameters, if not the most important one, is the issue of safety. A bus transportation service has to meet the safety standards required by the Ministry of Transportation, including, but not limiting to, safety belts, advanced security and detection systems, and more.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the driver holds a valid license for the class of vehicle and that he has undergone the necessary training.

Bus transportation is used on a daily basis by thousands of people to go to work, to events, on vacation, or anything else. Professional bus transportation companies regularly examine their fleet, ensuring every vehicle is prepared and ready for a safe ride. It is not a matter of getting the best deal; it is about being smart and not choosing an amateur company that does not comply with the required maintenance and safety procedures. It is about locating the most professional, reliable, top-of-the-line company to ensure our safety.

President Tours bus transportation service is considered one of the leading companies in Israel. It has been operating for over 30 years and has accumulated a vast experience in the field of bus transportation.

President Tours employs two safety officers full time. Their role is to carefully examine every vehicle in the company’s fleet, bus or minibus, and to ensure their safety and roadworthiness.

To learn m ore about our bus transportation offers call 9587*.

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