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Charter buses

Do you remember the school trips in which the charter buses were at the heart of the event? Well, in terms of business-related trips or even family outings, the bus is just as important. The ride itself is part of the experience and we are here to ensure you have a most enjoyable one!

President Tours provides you with buses for trips that take into consideration all of your specific needs:

  • Multimedia system: Our vehicles are equipped with advanced sound systems and DVD for a smooth ride with good music or a movie for the family.
  • High standard of comfort: As an experienced transportation company we choose the bus for the trip with an eye to the smoothest and easiest ride, even for those who dislike long rides. The comfortable seats let you sleep if you wish and even children enjoy staying in seated during the trip.
  • Professional drivers: Our skilled and careful drivers will ensure your safety throughout the drive to the desired destination. Their in-depth knowledge about the tourism sites in Israel enables them to avoid unnecessary complications along the way.

Additional Services: Our vast experience in the national tourism sector enables us to assist you in the organization of the trip, including attractions, rest stops, restaurants, and more. Tell us what you are looking for in your vacation and we will assist you in organizing a wonderful trip that is precisely suited to your needs.

Call us at 9587* to charter a bus for your trip.

Have you ever experienced…

You must have been in situations in which the driver did not know the way and in the end you were in the bus for far too long. Not with President Tours! Our drivers are professional, skilled, and highly knowledgeable about the roads. Furthermore, our buses are equipped with GPS systems that assist drivers in overcoming complications in the shortest possible time.

Our motto: Your Safety

An additional advantage of our drivers’ vast experience is security. The drivers take every precaution to ensure your safety and protection. Our buses are well equipped and we do everything possible to avoid unforeseen malfunctions, all in order to maintain the safety of our passengers.

With Hanassi Transportation’s buses for trips your peace of mind is guaranteed!

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